Were Kelley Hunt Smith and Steve Hunt Homophobic

Ellen Langfitt Facebook comment.

Ellen Langfitt Facebook comment.

A really interesting Facebook comment from a local area woman and Vero Beach High School alumnus, Ellen Langfitt.

If what Ellen reports is true, it shows a huge inconsistency on the part of Kelley Hunt Smith and Steve Hunt.

Remember the victim’s parents claim Kaitlyn was warned to stay away from their daughter twice and the relationship was wrong. Ellen’s account would show Kelley Hunt Smith and Steve Hunt doing the same thing the #freekate victim’s parents did – does that make Steve and Kelley homophobic?

If what Ellen Langfitt says is accurate, the only difference is Kaitlyn’s older girlfriend at the time walked away from her relationship with an underage teenager and was unwilling to roll the legal dice. The older girlfriend made a good decision and isn’t in jail today.

If everything Ellen says is true, it would blow away any defense of homophobia the defense could try and make. The jury would be saying to themselves, but Steve and Kelley, you did the exact same thing.

If I were the State Attorney I would send someone to Kaitlyn’s new home at the Indian River County Jail and ask Kaitlyn about this Facebook comment made by Ellen Langfitt.


3 thoughts on “Were Kelley Hunt Smith and Steve Hunt Homophobic

  1. I just found this. Wow! I can respect the ‘bastard’ epitaph. I do try to be a bitch.

  2. I was taken in by the #freekate FB appeal and donated money. Now I can’t get it back and the FB page has disappeared. There is a new page but they are adding people at a snail’s pace. Makes the family look like real lowlifes. They’ll take your money quick enough, then give you the finger.

  3. All the people saying poor Kaitlyn, what if a guy her age had a sexual relationship with a minor would that be ok as well?

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